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(8,529,918 EUR)

Leading renewable energy and MSW management company in Ukraine, operating since 2015, has implemented 18 projects with total electric capacity of 20,112 MW. The first stage of the 4 MW pilot project on fuel chips gasification has been successfully implemented.

The main objective of the investment project is to build a reliable biomass power plant, put it into operation, and generate electricity by burning biomass (wood chips) and sell it to the grid.

It is planned to build the power plant in accordance with established industry and state standards based on reliable and proven industry technologies. At the moment, we have a proposal to purchase a used 5.05 MW thermal power plant (TPP) fueled by wood chips in Europe and to relocate it to Ukraine.

Generator capacity: 5.05 MW.

Electricity yield: 41 915 MWh/year.

GHG reduction: 30 000 t CO2-eq. per year.

Existing facility: 4 MW.

Revenue from electricity produced: 5 232 913 EUR/year.

IRR: 20.3%.

Payback period: 4.65 years.


Green tariff for electricity from biomass is 123,85 EUR/MWh (excl. VAT). The usage of equipment of Ukrainian producer will allow to get surcharge of 10% to green tariff, i.e. a tariff will be 136,2 EUR/MWh of electricity.

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