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A network of ultra-fast charging complexes in Ukraine would meet the needs of a constantly growing electric vehicle fleet. The company plans to construct 6 stations along Kyiv-Odesa, Kyiv-Lviv, and Kyiv-Chop motorways at 1-2 ha total area of private property land plots in three key stages:

Stage 1 (2020-2023): 6 stations with charger capacity of 150 kW/hour. In use for light motor cars only.

Stage 2 (2024-2027): 7-15 stations with charger capacity of 150-350 kW/hour. In use for light motor cars and trucks.

Stage 3 (2028-2030): 16-20 stations with charger capacity of 350+ kW/hour. In use for light motor cars, trucks, and public transport.

In the beginning of 2020, there are approximately 3800 of types 1, 2, and speed chargers in Ukraine. High-speed charging stations constitute 5-7% of the total number of stations and have a power of 22-50 kW/h. Without 150k W/h auto-changers available on motorways, long-distance intercity crossing is impossible. The installation of 150-350 kW/h auto chargers will create market for commercial large trucks and buses.

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